Belgium, 2016 | 13:30 Mins | Colour | HD Video | French with English subtitles
Directed & shot by Birgit Ludwig |
| Sound mix by Edward Lucas
Editing with Dominique Auvray

‘Annie’ is a hollowed filmic portrait of a heavily epileptic woman living reclusively in the countryside. The film combines the voice-over of an interview with her and filmed footage of the house and garden where she lives. The stillness and silence surrounding the house, her absence from the images, and her presence carved out of the filmed spaces, echo the experience of oblivion in the event of epilepsy.
Her singular speech and the idiosyncratic explanations she gives of her condition and various incidents, open up a zone for an unconscious dimension that ties her into her world. The slippages, the peculiar visions and the staged domestic surroundings lend a distinctive meaning to her experiences and somehow do not cease to make sense, despite and beyond more rational approaches that claim to explain the workings of the brain and its illnesses.

Selected Screenings:
- ICA (Institute of Contemporary Arts), London
- GENESIS Cinema, London

- États Généraux du Documentaire, Lussas