T O M O R R O W  W E ’ L L  S L E E P

Photographic Series
| Georgia (Tbilisi, Batumi,
Varzia a.o.) | 2015

- Seeing through the absence of something -
(...) A scene is the place where reality potentially becomes fiction. I am interested in that very passage. It seems to be the place and moment of an announcement, that something will somehow (slowly or quickly) become intelligible via its very particular and immanent approach, through the thickness or sparseness of imagery and language.
Taking pictures is often an exploration of the distance and angle towards the epicenter of an event or of a protagonist’s inner drives/motives. Sometimes this is grasped by a constellation of objects that carve out an absence, that indicate something that has happened, or that might happen.
I try to grasp the crystallization of a tension, of an antagonism or encounter. There are choreographies of bodies, or objects, in a state of imbalance and availability towards their exterior. There are glimpses of bodies that stage – without knowing it – their inwardness and their outwardness.
Materializing invisible and fleeting windows, moments that contain intangible, janus-faced partitions, disturbing the air both ways, stirring up coordinates and senses, or putting time to a halt. Clearing, for a sign…
Sometimes there are those accidents of light, when it clashes with matter in the acuteness of a stain.
Between incandescence and blackness… I like gravel, shimmering traps and the speedways of fine particles, beaming at the missed encounter of glossy bodies.
What is visible is only the smoke of a fire; shadows are burning. Infinite fire. Distant fire. Intimate distance... | Batumi, 08/2015